About Lokstallet

The brief objectives and purpose of the art gallery Lokstallet are:
The art gallery will show and carry trans-boundary contemporary art and also develop and lead pedagogical art activities
We aim to keep the level of quality high – and at the same time offer a wide variety. Lokstallet aim to ensure that children’s and youth’s culture is expressed.
Lokstallet will be a place to meet – for people and galleries, both national and international - for cultural interactions and to build networks.

Lokstallet was built 1903 and its original appearance remains, except for a few changes. A wooden floor has been built on top of the old rails. The changes have been performed with old standards since the building is a cultural-historical mark from the industrial era.

Welcome to visit Lokstallet. We are happy to arrange a tailor-made visit for you to enjoy our exhibitions as well as other activities in Strömstad. By experience we know that our arrangements made for school students and youth-groups are much appreciated.
It is possible to rent the art gallery for different events such as musical- and dance performances.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information